Bed Assets:
Disassembly Manual

Tim Brouwer
Erica Deluchi
Luke Starr
Avi Varma
How does researching a single bed in student housing at Goldsmiths open up a way to understand the way private corporations and financial interests are claiming ever larger terrains in higher education? Through an analysis of financial documents, legal contracts, material infrastructure, markets, governmental policy, student activism and self-organized plans for alternative housing, a provisional map of the purpose-built student accommodation market begins to take shape. In these investigations we seek to answer a simple question: how does a bed become a financial asset?

Excerpt from an interview with Leonie Weber and other members of the Sanford Housing co-operative by Faiza Kahn and Avi Varma. Recorded Saturday, October 27, 2018.
Excerpts from the "Report and Recommendations from the Strategic Partnership Working Group at Goldsmiths, 28 November 2013" and from CLV marketing. Read by Erica Deluchi and Avi Varma on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.
Excerpt from a group interview with Goldsmiths undergraduates facilitated by Janna Graham. Recorded Wednesday, October 24, 2018.