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Screening: Al Jaar Qabla al Daar
21 November 2011

الجار قبل الدار

“The Neighbour before the House” is a series of video probes into the landscape of East Jerusalem. Shot with a CCTV security camera, these images show that before and after  instrumental "surveillance", there is inquisitiveness, jest, memory, desire and doubt that pervades the project of watching. In these specific times and places, camera movements and live commentary become ways in which Palestinian residents evaluate what can be seen, and speak about the nature of their distance from others.

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Key Work: Lawrence Abu Hamdan on “Cross Border Crimes”
24 January 2023

Cross Border Crimes: a discussion with Lawrence Abu Hamdan of his most recent investigation Air Pressure and a screening of his latest film 45th Parallel. 

Lawrence Abu Hamdan is a Private Ear, listening to, with and on behalf of people affected by corporate, state, and environmental violence. Abu Hamdan's work has been presented in the form of forensic reports, lectures and live performances, films, publications, and exhibitions all over the world. He received his PhD from the CRA in 2017 and has held fellowships and professorships at the University of Chicago, the New School, New York and most recently at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz where he developed his research AirPressure.info

Key Work: Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen and Daisy Hildyard
17 January 2023

Artists Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen and author Daisy Hildyard will talk about their work and workings. In this lecture / screening / reading, they will attempt to disentangle threads of raw materials, infection, global supply chains, reproduction, gambling and a fungus that eats compact discs.

This lecture is co-hosted between the Critical Ecologies research stream and the Centre for Research Architecture.

FA/CRA Forum: FA + Kambanda Nokokure Veii on “Restituting Evidence: Genocide and Reparations in German Colonial Namibia”
23 November 2022

Forensic Architecture and Forensis discuss their investigation “Restituting Evidence: Genocide and Reparations in German Colonial Namibia” with Kambanda Nokokure Veii. From 1904–1908, Germany committed genocide against the Herero, Mbanderu and Nama peoples in their colony of ‘South-West Africa’ (present-day Namibia). FA and Forensis partnered with genocide activists from descendants communities to begin to produce a body of digital evidence that can be leveraged in support of demands for land restitution and reparations.

Key Work: Joel Sherwood Spring
21 November 2022

In this talk, Joel Sherwood Spring discusses his ongoing practice and research. Focussed on examining the contested narratives of Australia’s urban cultural and Indigenous history in the face of ongoing colonisation. Spring is a Wiradjuri anti-disciplinary artist, who works collaboratively on projects that sit outside established notions of contemporary art & architecture attempting to transfigure spatial dynamics of power through discourse, pedagogies, art, design and architectural practice.