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Common Sensing 
MA Research Exhibition

The research exhibition Common Sensing documents the workings of a series of collaborative projects which attempt to develop practices of Common Sensing. The exhibition featured the work, archives, and online platforms of the Research Architecture Studio, as well as a series of panel discussions, workshops, and screenings organised by the Forensic Architecture Studio in conjunction with the launch of the publication “Lines of Inquiry: Glossary, Media, Field Manual”.
Alongside the exhibition, MA students organised a series of public provocations that brought practice and theory together. Guest participants included Julian Henriques, Lorenzo Pezzani, Susan Schuppli, Alberto Toscano, (Goldsmiths, University of London), D'bi Young Anitafrika (dub poet), Mariama Eversley (Blights Out), Helene Kazan (Royal College of Art), Katie Mathews (filmmaker and producer), Naima Sakande (Women's Justice Initiative, Centre for Criminal Appeals), Samaneh Moafi (Forensic Architecture), and Ben Segal (Abrams Law Clinic, Chicago).

Screening of Mossville: When Great Trees Fall, 2019

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Photo credits: Phevos Simeonidis

Research Exhibition

para-link showcases forensic and research architecture MA projects over four days with a diverse public programme at Laurie Grove Baths exhibition space.

Work is acknowledged in the margins, linked in the superscript. Evidence is collected off-page and underlying themes carried in the subtext. Ghost-written, para-linked references connect and reveal how we work. Curated and organised by the MA Research Architecture students, para-link is organised by a conceptual frame that demonstrates the interactions that happen within and around projects and research. The CRA 2018 MA cohort includes architects, filmmakers, artists, lawyers, activists, and technologists, who have spent the last year working independently and collectively to generate research processes, methodologies and solutions for some, of what we think, are the most pressing political and environmental issues—this show is a culmination of that work.

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2017 MARA Degree Show 
MA Research Exhibition

“If architecture is the language of concrete and steel, then Soft Architecture needs a vocabulary of flesh, air, fabric and colour.” — Lisa Robertson

This exhibition presents the research conducted by MAs in the Forensic Architecture and Research Architecture studios of our degree. Works by: Evangelia Argyrou, Henry Bradley, Sebastian Clark, Sophie Dyer, Sami Hammana, Linda Kinstler, Conor Lorigan, Fadi Mansour, Greg McLaren, Rosa Rogina, Eeva Sarlin, Solveig Suess, Lua Vollaard, Leonie Weber, Oren Ziv

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Extras, Role-play, Unsound, Prosthetic, A Transcription, Tongueless, Monster, Decay, Circulate, Commoning, Agencies, ZARA, Spectral
MA Research Exhibition

This exhibition brings together the heterogeneous practices and research activities of the 2016 MA Research Architecture cohort, with works by Dana Abbas, Henry Bradley, Sophie Dyer, Phoebe Eustance, Alexia Giacomazzi, Ming Lin, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, Robert Preusse, Blanca Pujals, Laurie Robins, Solveig Suess and Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe.

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Research Works
MA Research Exhibition

has its own consistence, its own resilience, its own obdurate presence to which we can point with a gesture just as ostensive as when we point at stones, or mugs, or cats, or mats, and yet if we are no longer performing it, the whole organization will come to a halt." – Bruno Latour

Research Works shows a series of momentary crystalizations in individual lines of research.  It is an exhibition of heterogeneous ongoing bodies of work, carried out in different forms at the Centre for Research Architecture during the academic year 2014-15.

The works do not converge on a common theme, but rather assemble around the shared research infrastructure of the roundtable. They are the result of discussions, negotiations and temporary alliances. All together, they perform the Centre as a collective enterprise, variously re-instantiating its premises, priorities, and ethos.

The exhibition features work from Phoebe Estance, Eldar Gantz, Hania Halabi, Stine Alling Jacobsen, Thomas Jenkins , Ion Maleas, Pietro Pezzni, Grace Phillips, Laurie Robins, and Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe.

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